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FREE Guide for Photographers: 2020 Year in Review + Goal Setting for 2021 

In the Year in Review + Goal Setting Guide, you'll find:

  • 8 pages of questions + prompts to review your business in 2020 - including everything from what worked well and what didn't work so well, to your profits + total shoots 
  • A 5-step system for reviewing your biggest referral sources, and a plan to ensure they continue referring to you in 2021
  • 6 pages of questions + prompts to set big goals for 2021 so you can book more clients and grow your photography business
  • Exercises to help you prioritize your health + wellness for the new year + align with the best version of yourself  

You'll walk away from this exercise with a rock-solid idea of what you want to do more of in 2021, and the steps you need to take to grow and market your business this year.  

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About Julie

I am a creative entrepreneur and wedding photographer based out of Austin, Texas.

Through my business journey, I have found that I love to help and inspire people–especially creatives. And while I may not know everything, I have found it fulfilling to help people reach higher in order to fulfill their own dreams.

I believe that each of us are in different milestones of our business journey and I want to help you right where you are!

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